Notts calm administration fears

24 March 2009 11:47
Notts County chairman John Armstrong-Holmes has dismissed rumours suggesting the club is in serious financial difficulties. He also believes that the speculation about the club's future is having a detrimental effect on the players. Armstrong-Holmes told Notts' official website: "There's no truth in the rumours that we're on the brink of going back into administration but it seems some people just don't want to listen to the facts. "I've already explained that we're having the same sort of problems as virtually every other business - and football club - in this country. "But it's absolutely untrue that staff and players at Meadow Lane haven't been paid their wages, and it's clear from conversations I've had with chairmen of other clubs that we're in a very healthy state compared to many of them. "I'm sure that people just don't realise the damage it's doing. For example, we've reason to believe that players we want to re-sign or attract to this club next season are being put off because of the rumours we're heading into administration."

Source: ESA