Silkmen hopeful over Magpies clash

04 February 2009 02:13
Many Football League matches had to be postponed this week due to heavy snow across the country. More snow is expected in some areas before the weekend but Macclesfield chief executive Patrick Nelson remains optimistic.

He told the club's official website: "The pitch is currently covered with a light layer of snow. That snow is acting as a blanket and protecting the pitch from the colder temperatures at night.

"That coupled with the warmer temperatures during the day means the pitch is not currently frozen and is playable subject to the clearing of the snow.

"We will be monitoring things on a day-to-day basis but as it stands the plan is to leave the snow on the pitch. If it melts the covers will go on.

"We remain positive but if there is more snow or we see more sub-zero temperatures over night this week we may have a problem. But for now we are optimistic that the game will go ahead."

Source: Team_Talk