Schmeichel keeps focus on County

08 January 2010 10:53
The Magpies have accumulated debts in the region of £1.5million, with creditors keen to make back their investments.[LNB]They also have a £600,000 tax bill due by the end of the month, bringing about rumours that they may be forced to sell their prize assets.[LNB]Schmeichel, though, says he is confident the club can find the necessary funds to recover from such negative equity.[LNB]"The day they come and tell me 'we don't want you', I'll have to look at it but until that happens then I'm a Notts County player and there's nothing else to say," he told the Nottingham Post.[LNB]"Up to now I've enjoyed all of my time here so until somebody tells me otherwise that is the way it's going to stay."[LNB]The Dane insisted that he will carry on as normal in between the posts until he is told otherwise.[LNB]"I'm a footballer, I'm not a member of the board," he said. "I leave all of the other stuff to the people above us to sort out.[LNB]"I believe what Sven (Goran-Eriksson) and (chairman) Peter Trembling tell us. If they come and tell us in the dressing room that there is a big problem then we will believe it and we'll start to worry.[LNB]"Until that happens it doesn't worry me at all."[LNB][LNB]

Source: Team_Talk