Tykes cut prices for crucial clash

25 March 2009 04:16
The Tykes have responded to Forest's decision to offer cut-price tickets for the Oakwell encounter by way of an apology to travelling fans for their side's poor recent performance at Burnley. A statement from the club read: "This unilateral action meant that most of Nottingham Forest FC's travelling contingent would be paying £9.50 for admission to the game at Oakwell, while Barnsley FC's match-day ticket fans would be paying twice that amount. "In response to this statement, Barnsley FC decided that if it reduced its prices for match-day tickets for all fans to £9.50, it would be in the absurd situation of compensating most of Nottingham Forest FC's visiting fans for the 'level of performance' its team had shown against Burnley. "In other words, Barnsley FC would be in the position of funding a promise made by Nottingham Forest FC to its fans. Instead Barnsley FC decided to focus its funds on its own fans to the maximum financial extent it could afford which means a £5 admission across the board providing tickets are purchased before 7pm on Friday, April 3, following which normal match-day prices will apply. "In this way, Nottingham Forest FC can deliver on the promise it made to its fans on March 16 and Barnsley FC can also offer a concession to its own fans in these financially difficult times."

Source: Team_Talk