Billy backed by Forest Mad readers

06 June 2011 10:29
Your views on the City Ground boss whose future remains up in the air We asked for your feedback on Billy Davies as uncertainty surrounds whether the Nottingham Forest hierarchy are about to dispense with his services and so far it has all been in favour of the Scot. Andrew Spence contacted us from New Zealand to say: 'Watching from afar it seems bizarre the lack of resepct shown for Billy''s achievements. He has to rank as the second best manager since Cloughie and all efforts should be made to retain and support him.' Andy Rourke was clear in his views: 'Davies is definitely the man for the job. FACT, he has been our most consistent manager since the days of Frank Clark and Brian Clough before him. 'How can you even contemplate getting rid of a manager that 90% of the fans trust can do the job if he's given the correct resources? It just goes to prove that the people running most football clubs (not just Forest) know nothing about football and what it takes to be successful.' And Kev Bills agreed, saying: 'Again Mr Doughty wants a magician not a manager, a Premiership team on League One money. We already have the best manager in this division what we need is a board to back him!' Agree? Disagree? Contact Footy Mad by clicking on the link.