Canaries chief denies claims

03 September 2008 12:29
Norwich City chairman Roger Munby has denied reports that the club is on the verge of administration following news that two members of the board had resigned. Andrew and Sharon Turner have walked away from Carrow Road little over 12 months after arriving and providing the Championship club with a £2million interest-free loan. "Some people have suggested that the club might be close to administration, which is just not the case," he told the Canaries' official website. "It's great having the chance to reassure fans that we're miles away from any prospect like that. It would have to be a series of ongoing disasters to get us anywhere near that." Meanwhile, Munby insists the loss of future investment will not have a dramatic effect on the funds available for manager Glenn Roeder. "The challenge is to go along with not having money that you expected to have," he continued. Saying that, the club is not immediately embarrassed for cash. "During the course of the transfer window, the talent of Antoine Sibierski is witness to the fact that we know what we're doing in budgetary terms for the squad and Glenn is with us on that."

Source: ESA