Trust makes plea to Canaries fans

28 June 2009 03:12
The Canaries' 18,000 season ticket holders were entitled to a rebate after the club were relegated to League One back in May, but a third of those fans opted to wave the right and £359,304, which was doubled by director Michael Foulger, has been ploughed back into Bryan Gunn's transfer kitty. Around 12,000 fans chose to accept the money and Trust chairman Paul Bond is hoping those supporters will opt to donate the money to help make a difference in the boardroom and make the fans a major shareholder in the East Anglia club. He told the NCST website: "If every season ticket holder reclaiming their rebate joined the Supporters Trust and donated their refund, the Trust would invest and hold a significant fan-based stake in the club. "The Trust believes such action by a large proportion of the 63.3% of season ticket holders would give the fans the second or third largest shareholding in the club and one that would endure. "With such a large number of members in the Trust, the board would find it impossible to ignore the voice of fans. Almost certainly, from that size of membership, there should emerge suitable candidates with the necessary business experience to become a valuable member of the football club board and an important spokesperson for grass roots fans."

Source: Team_Talk