John Fashanu: Justin was not gay

17 March 2012 08:17

John Fashanu has claimed his brother Justin, the only professional footballer to come out in Britain, was not really gay.

Justin Fashanu came out in 1990, claiming he had had an affair with a Conservative MP, but lived a troubled existence before committing suicide in 1998.

Brother John, whose relationship with Justin was difficult, told talkSPORT: "I don't believe he was gay. Number two, I don't believe he had affairs with was just nonsense. Showbiz."

He added: "If you had a brother who came out and said, 'Hey listen, I'm gay' we'd welcome you, say 'No problem' but if you had someone who came out and said, 'I'm a spaceman' when you're not a spaceman then that's a bit silly."

He continued: "I'm not someone who says, 'I've got black friends, they're all good people'. I'm not going to say 'I've got gay friends, who are all good people'.

"It's unfortunate because I don't believe he was, and if he was, who gives a rat's a**e? So what?

"But don't go and sell your stories or make up stories for money for goodness sake. I'm heterosexual, will I make it on to the front page of the newspapers?"

Earlier this year, John's daughter Amal presented a documentary about her uncle and the wider issue of homosexuality in football.

John said: "My daughter was very close to her uncle and it has taken a long time for her to understand that Justin wasn't really gay, he just wanted attention."

Source: PA