Norwegian FA, ahead of the rest

By 28 March 2014 09:53

On Wednesday the26th of March, Kick it out reported that four women were elected for Norway’s football Executive Committee. This now means the Norwegian FA (NFF) has become the first national football federation to have an equal split of genders on their board, consisting of 8 members.

This isn’t the first time NFF has had a first for women getting a high profile role within the association; Karen Espelund became the first women to serve as a full member of the UEFA Executive Committee.

Two of the women that have been elected are Mina Gerhardsen and Turid Storhaug, they have joined two previous members Mette Christiansen (Vice-President) and Eli Arnstad.

The NFF president, Yngve Hallen, expressed his delight “We now have a board with 50% women”

“That is fantastic news, and it reflects how highly we place women’s football, both at the top level and among the masses” He added.

Karen Espelund also welcomed UEFA’s Women in Leadership initiative and said how this step by the NFF is evidence that football is eager to move with the times. “"Football has come a long way over the last few years, but there is still an evident lack of women in top-level positions. More needs to be done to change perspectives and increase opportunities."

Source: DSG

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