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Last Game: 07-Jun-2011 18:00


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Norwegian FA, ahead of the rest

Norwegian FA, ahead of the rest

On Wednesday the26th of March, Kick it out reported that four women were elected for Norway’s football Executive Committee. This now means the Norwegian FA (NFF) has become the first n..

Norway News

  • Norwegians consider 12th man

    Norwegians consider 12th man

    The Norwegian Football Association (NFF) are considering a proposal which would allow youth teams to bring on an extra player if they are losing by fo..

    30 Oct 2012 - 11:17:33
  • Norwegian player suffers heart attack on pitch

    Norwegian player suffers heart attack on pitc..

    A top-flight football player in Norway, Carl-Erik Torp, was hospitalised after suffering a heart attack during a match at the weekend, his team said.Torp, a 27-year-old midf..

    26 Sep 2011 - 09:35:44
  • Norway coach Olsen signs 2013 deal

    Norway coach Olsen signs 2013 deal

    Norway coach Egil Olsen, whose side is well-placed to reach the Euro 2012 finals, on Thursday signed a new deal to remain in charge until 2013, the country's football federation annou..

    25 Aug 2011 - 18:30:19


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Mandzukic poised for Atletico Madrid move
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Simeone charged by UEFA
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Atletico receive Turan boost for Chelsea clash

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Norway results

Euro 2012 Qualifying
21:00Portugal 1 - 0 Norway
Euro 2012 Qualifying
19:00Norway 1 - 1 Denmark
19:45Republic of Ireland 1 - 2 Norway
Euro 2012 Qualifying
19:30Norway 1 - 0 Portugal
Euro 2012 Qualifying
20:00Iceland 1 - 2 Norway
20:15Norway 2 - 1 France