Hughes sings McCourt's praises

10 August 2011 10:00

Northern Ireland captain Aaron Hughes senses a little bit of the legendary George Best in team-mate Pat McCourt and hopes the Celtic man can inspire his side to victory over the Faroe Islands on Wednesday night.

While Hughes acknowledges the comparison to his country's finest player is a lofty one, he believes the 27-year-old has some of the same magic that marks out the game's most creative players.

"I've been impressed by Paddy (in training), but I'm always impressed with Paddy," said Hughes.

"He makes things look so easy. It's a big comparison but you look at players like George Best and (Lionel) Messi and then you look at Paddy and for some reason he makes it look that easy.

"He's so laidback too - it's his manner. He can go from walking pace to exploding past someone in a second and that's a very good skill to have.

"His feet and his ball control are fantastic. He certainly brings some quality to our side and hopefully if we have him in the team then we can win."

Source: PA