Anin due out of hospital on Friday - sister

03 July 2013 05:46

Nice midfielder Kevin Anin is due to leave hospital on Friday after suffering serious spinal injuries in a car crash on June 3, his sister said Wednesday on Twitter.

Soukhy Anin said her 27-year-old brother would join his family from Friday to Sunday before beginning rehabilitation back at the hospital in Rouen, western France, on Monday.

"Friday, Saturday, Sunday home and then Monday off to rehabilitation. I'm so happy I could cry," said Soukhy Anin on her Twitter account.

Anin suffered a serious spinal column injury and fractures to both arms when the car he was travelling in crashed around 60km from Rouen.

It was initially thought he could be paralysed but doctors have yet to comment on his chances of making a full recovery.

Source: AFP