Xylitol is not such a sweet treat for dogs | Brief letters

28 May 2019 05:09
Change UK | Xylitol | School sports | Glasgow Celtic | Michael GoveIt took the SDP some six years and two general elections to accept that the game was up for remaining the central party. From what is now occurring (Leader’s call for tactical vote ‘bizarre’, says Soubry, 28 May), it seems likely the newly formed Change UK will reach the same conclusion in less than a year.David WinnickLondon• I’m delighted that Javier Larragoiti has developed a satisfactory sugar alternative (Diabetic father gave chemist a prize idea, 28 May). However, it would have been useful to note that even small amounts of xylitol, such as in a piece of chewing gum, can be fatal to dogs.Sally CheseldineEdinburgh Continue reading. . read full article

Source: TheGuardian