Why are so many football fans protesting against club owners? We asked them

03 October 2016 09:34
Antagonism between supporters and club owners has become the new normal up and down the country – and there is no end in sight for many frustrated fansBy Richard Foster for The Agony and the Ecstasy of the Guardian Sport NetworkTony Mowbray’s resignation from Coventry City had been coming. Mowbray’s team were bottom of League One and a parting of the ways was inevitable after 10 league games without a win. However, struggles on the pitch and the loss of a manager are not the biggest concerns for supporters, who are enduring a long battle with the club’s owners.When the Coventry Telegraph launched a petition calling on current owners, Sisu, to sell the club last month, fans jumped to attention – 10,000 signed it within 24 hours – but there was also a weary, almost resigned acceptance that yet another group of fans had reached the end of their tether. It is not uncommon for supporters to have the odd spat with owners, but there is currently a rash of clubs whose followers are in open revolt against owners and there appears to be little chance of resolution for any of them. Angst and antagonism has almost become the new normal up and down the country and across the divisions. Related: If English football is short of coaches, why are badges cheaper in Germany? Continue reading. . read full article

Source: TheGuardian