Thank you for the Mackem memories | Brief letters

13 July 2018 03:31
Sunderland fans | Sharing ice-cream with dogs | The ‘threat’ of rain | Grey ‘Gordon Bennett’ | Gladioli in the dress circleFor part of my childhood in the 1950s we lived at Roker in Sunderland (J-force give Sunderland followers some respite, 12 July). Some of the Sunderland team had digs in our street and kicked a ball with us in the evening. I still have Billy Bingham’s autograph and have loved football ever since. Thank you, Louise Taylor, for the memories and hope.Jean JacksonSeer Green, Buckinghamshire • My Dad used to break the bottom off his cone, scoop up some ice-cream, and feed it to the grateful dog (Is it OK to share ice-cream with a dog?, G2, 11 July). He was a fox terrier who ran around too much to become obese, and I don’t think he would have appreciated frozen yoghurt. Peter LowthianMarlow, Buckinghamshire Continue reading. . read full article

Source: TheGuardian