Pro-Millwall candidate Willow Winston to stand in general election

08 May 2017 10:33
• 72-year-old artist will battle for Lewisham East seat on 8 June• Candidate is backed by the Millwall AMS supporters’ groupNo one likes them, no one likes them, no one likes them, they don’t care. But they do also trust they can count on your vote on 8 June. The undertone of popular protest in British politics has taken a fresh twist with the news that a Millwall FC supporters’ group is putting up an independent pro-Millwall candidate at the general election to fight a Labour stronghold seat close to their home ground, The Den.Rumours of a pro-Millwall election bid have been circulating around south-east London for the past week, with Simon Hughes, Danny Baker and even Millwall’s manager, Neil Harris, erroneously fingered as candidates. The Guardian can now reveal that Willow Winston, an independent backed by the Millwall AMS supporters’ group, will be standing in Lewisham East, a seat now occupied by Labour’s former shadow minister Heidi Alexander. Related: Millwall fans’ group continue protest by fielding candidate in general election Continue reading. . read full article

Source: TheGuardian