Millwall blue takes on Labour red in the battle for Lewisham East | Barney Ronay

17 May 2017 09:20
Willow Winston helped Millwall save The Den from developers and now has her sights fixed on a general election campaign and the Labour MP Heidi AlexanderOutside the Millwall Cafe, watched by a rag-bag of hacks, TV cameras and curious passers-by, the man on top of a pallet on top of a forklift on top of a wonky south London pavement craned up with death-defying nonchalance to fix the end of his banner to the corrugated roof.“Vote Willow Winston,” the banner read, picked out in Millwall blue and white. Next to it, still beaming through the industrial-scale Bermondsey rain, was a portrait of 72-year-old Winston, an unlikely public figure who has taken up both the battle to save The Den and the vicissitudes of a political bunfight with equal verve. Related: Pro-Millwall candidate Willow Winston to stand in general election Continue reading. . read full article

Source: TheGuardian