Manchester City furious after Uefa investigation is sent for final judgment

16 May 2019 08:40
• City hit out at ‘unsatisfactory, curtailed and hostile process’• Financial fair play inquiry could lead to Champions League banManchester City have hit out in a strongly worded statement after a Uefa investigation into allegations of financial fair play irregularities, which could lead to a Champions League ban, was sent for a final judgment at the governing body.The chairman and chief investigator of Uefa’s club financial control body investigatory chamber, Yves Leterme, has concluded City have a case to answer and has referred the matter to the adjudicatory chamber, which will rule on the matter. Related: Manchester City’s defence of ‘battered’ song is seriously misguided | David Conn Related: Uefa's 'parking ticket' fines will not rein in football's maverick clubs | Marina Hyde Continue reading. . read full article

Source: TheGuardian