Liverpool and Spurs’ Champions League wins have European roots | Letters

09 May 2019 05:24
UEFA wins for Spurs and Liverpool should be seen as a triumph for European integration, say Malcolm Bower and Sean Day-Lewis. Myrna Hughes is worried about the environmental cost of the final. Tim Davies says the clean sweep for English sides deserves an appropriate headlineHow long before the Europhobic tabloid press and the xenophobic Brextremists hold up the recent Uefa Champions League semi-finals results as irrefutable proof that European Goliaths are no match for plucky British Davids and the UK can show Johnny Foreigner what it’s like to be a world leader?However, before wrapping themselves even more tightly in the union flag, I do hope a brief glance at the winning players’ names and origins and those of their respective managers will bring them down to earth and explode the myth of British superiority in all things. Whether the more important message will get through the seemingly impenetrable fog of prejudice and ignorance, that almost half a century of European integration and cooperation has enriched all our lives, is sadly more doubtful.Malcolm BowerEuropean Movement Continue reading. . read full article

Source: TheGuardian