Leroy Rosenior: ‘There were 5,000 Leeds fans shouting Sieg Heil at us, hatred in their eyes’

25 March 2017 08:30
In an exclusive book extract, the former Fulham, QPR and West Ham forward recalls the racism he faced in the 1980s, including being spat at by a schoolboyI remember going to play at Leeds for Fulham in 1984. Playing there is never dull and on this occasion, the locals were in particularly boisterous mood. We got a throw-in down at the big Kop end that housed the fanatical home support. Paul Parker and I were closest and looked to get our attack back on track. As we got to the corner flag any thought of launching that attack went from our minds as we were met in the corner by thousands of fans with hate in their eyes, intent on unsettling these two young black footballers who had dared to come to their town to play a game of football.Usually there were the monkey chants, the “ooh-ooh-ooh” noises that all black players had been subject to at the time. There were the chants about shooting niggers and the bananas that fell from the terraces of 1980s football stadiums – local greengrocers of that era owe us black footballers a fortune if you ask me – with increasing regularity. What happened was none of the above. Related: Howard Gayle: I needed mental resilience to survive as Liverpool’s first black player Related: Racism on the terraces and 10 minutes at Torquay – Football Weekly Meets Leroy Rosenior Related: Forty years after black footballers entered the game, racism is still a huge problem Continue reading. . read full article

Source: TheGuardian