Leeds United v Derby County: Championship – live!

11 January 2019 06:45
Championship updates from the 7.45pm GMT kick-off The Fiver – A major diplomatic row in the ChampionshipFeel free to email Niall your thoughts or via Twitter @niallmcveigh 5.48pm GMT Good evening. A rivalry that has been slowly cooling down for over 40 years is heating up again, fuelled by a furious promotion race and ignited today by an old-fashioned spying drama.Both of these big city clubs have been effectively rebranded by summer managerial appointments, but their bold moves are paying off. Marcelo Bielsa’s Leeds United are leading the Championship, while Frank Lampard’s Derby County are in the top six.This match was already an intriguing prospect, pitting MBLU’s high-press infantry up against the swashbuckling starlets of FLDC. Today’s developing drama, with FLDC accusing MBLU of sending a bloke in a tracksuit to patrol their training compound, adds the necessary needle and takes us back in time.In the early 70s, Don Revie’s Leeds and Brian Clough’s Derby routinely muddied each other’s pristine shirts as they tussled for major trophies, while the managers traded barbs and compared lapel sizes on the touchline. Now both clubs are heading back towards the big time, and are back in each other’s business. Kick-off is 7.45pm, GMT. Continue reading. . read full article

Source: TheGuardian