Junior football is a great game that would be ruined by exposing it to senior leagues | Kevin McKenna

01 April 2018 05:00
Its players are made of tough stuff and should have no truck with shallow capitalismFirst-time visitors to Celtic/Rangers games depart these encounters vowing to tell their friends that they must attend the great Glasgow derby at least once in their lifetime. If you really want to add something fresh to your sporting bucket list, though, I’d suggest you get yourself along to a game in Scotland’s junior football sector. This really is something that must be experienced in the flesh.It is a raw environment where it seems that no pre-match team talk is complete without the phrase “take no prisoners”. Games involving Scotland’s top junior sides are not without a degree of skill and a good level of fitness, but players are expected to be able “to look after themselves”. This defines anything from the ability to sustain a meaty challenge to a working knowledge of the most sensitive areas of the male human anatomy and the inclination to test them in combat. The outcome of many games can rest on moments of high technique but also on shards of physical malevolence prohibited under the UN convention against torture. Continue reading. . read full article

Source: TheGuardian