Jordan Pickford takes positives from England’s World Cup frustration

08 October 2018 09:30
• Everton goalkeeper cites previous toils of France and Germany• ‘Disappointment can spur you on and so can a bit of success’Jordan Pickford admits his life has changed since reaching a World Cup semi-final with England in the summer, but only for the better. “The first thing I noticed was my followers on social media went through the roof, which I was very happy about,” the Everton goalkeeper says. “The other thing is that you get a lot more people recognising you in the street, but mostly they just want to say hello and well done, so I don’t mind that. It’s quite touching really.”The former Sunderland player has established himself as England’s No 1 at the unusually young age of 24 and a relatively early stage of his career. “I was always taught that if you see a chance you should take it. Sometimes you only get one shot in life as a footballer. Mark Prudhoe, my old goalkeeping coach at Sunderland academy, always used to tell me to grab every chance that came my way and things haven’t worked out too badly. Related: Eden Hazard torn between new Chelsea contract and ‘dream’ Real Madrid move Continue reading. . read full article

Source: TheGuardian