I’ve policed a lot of football. We must stop treating fans as the enemy | Nick Glynn

31 August 2017 12:28
The outcry against the treatment of Manchester City fans at Bournemouth is a reminder – heavy-handed police and stewards should be shown the red cardIt’s great. Your football team scores, first minute, last minute, last minute of injury time, any time. There are 30 seconds of ecstasy, exuberance, jumping around, hugging people you would never hug anywhere else. It is accompanied by smiles, laughter, singing.For 99.99% of football fans, violence could not be further from their minds. Goals are rare in football – I am a lifelong Birmingham City fan, I know this. This is not rugby, or cricket, or tennis, where players score with dreary repetition. This is football, where you can watch a brilliant 90-minute game where there isn’t a single goal. Related: Emphatic 88% of Liverpool fans vote in favour of safe standing Related: The Knowledge: songs that reference football teams and players Continue reading. . read full article

Source: TheGuardian