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"What ever happened, the's no turning back the results but the fact will remain that Mike Dean was so much biased through out the game. But another factor which led to fall to the inferiors(Bottom Sunderland, was that a heck of chances were so much wasted both in first and second half. Oscar was out of the game, Ramires didn't convince and we missed Lampard's services who is so ambitious at taking shots from the outside of the box which the guys on the field lucked. All in all, "It Ain't Over Til It's Over". When Man City lossed points in mid week, we didn't think to get the same frustration neither did anyone expect us to fall to a bottom table Sunderland team. So, like Steve Wonder sung that Tomorrow Robins Will Sing, Norwich City could frustrate Liverpool as well today. Lastly, that's the passion of football and the best league in the world and that's why it's called "THE PREMIER LEAGUE". However, as a #Chelsea fan, I strongly believe that if not both, The Premier league & Champions league, we can't fail to take home one. FOREVER CHELSEA FOREVER BLUE"

Richard Nyombi Byemalo

Mourinho makes official point
"#Sunderland should go and play in a Rugby league!! "

Ray Asap Rocky Stiffler

Sunderland end Mourinho record
"I know is the only fastest player on d planet e work a lot on d pitch. They got all this write "

Shonoiki Oluwayemisi Emmanuel

Top 10 Fastest Footballers in the World: Manchester United and Arsenal feature with sprint stars