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"why are the glazers to blame, he had an amazing squad, and could not bring them together. Mata and Fellaini, more than what MU spent lat season, and failed to qualify####.. sorry Moyes, but ................. "

Jose Arias FS

Fans angry at United 'shambles'
"@Avijit, what do you expect from a club and a manager who does not have any respect for the game, saw what happened against Sunderland last week, pathetic to say the least"

Nilotpal Datta

Chelsea's 8-1-1 formation: Why Mou Why?
"A football match is won by scoring a goal, and chelsea did that against Barca...then again against Bayern, and i am hoping we do it again this year ."

Rajat Banerjee

Chelsea's 8-1-1 formation: Why Mou Why?