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"it is now time for woodward to prove his worth, he MUST sign de maria before PSG gets to the negotiating table. Mr Woodward act now or another class player will slip through the net????"

Steve Millar

Angel Di Maria set to leave Real Madrid as Manchester United and PSG battle for 50m winger
"Who would look up to him, either figuratively or literally? Jagielka is a Spin Doctor to rival Jose, and is after the England armband himself. "

Paul Claven

Rooney 'should be England captain'
"He not worth to be England captain.. he is full of shit. Run like a COW !! There alot more player in England squad that worth n show a good example.. for me Rooney is full of shit.. He is not a leader that player can look up !!!!!"

Ramzam Mohd Mohd

Rooney 'should be England captain'