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"You guys have started again this new season, our three Germans are super regulars at least two of them who are expected to participate in nearly all our matches this season, so which is better losing them mid season to burn outs or resting them now."

Osagie Seki

Andre Schurrle Proves Arsene Wenger's German Idiocy
"Ozil minutes played: 600+ Mertesacker minutes played: 434 Schurrle minutes played: 244. And schurrle is 23 while ozil is 26 and mertesacker 29. Keep your ignorant bs to yourself"

Pratik Bahulekar

Andre Schurrle Proves Arsene Wenger's German Idiocy
"it is now time for woodward to prove his worth, he MUST sign de maria before PSG gets to the negotiating table. Mr Woodward act now or another class player will slip through the net????"

Steve Millar

Angel Di Maria set to leave Real Madrid as Manchester United and PSG battle for 50m winger