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"This list is not made by me personally, I also do not agree with the players on this but its FIFA's official calculations"

Marcus Banks

Top 10 Fastest Footballers in the World: Manchester United and Arsenal feature with sprint stars
" Teams fighting relegation are notoriously easy to underestimate. Although liverpool will be preparing thoroughly, who knows how much Norwich's performance will be improved by the increasingly real threat of relegation. It would be great to see liverpool win the title though. "

Joe Morgan

Norwich will be Liverpool's banana skin
"Where did you get the bright idea from, that Liverpool will underestimate Norwich ? If you ever read other people's articles, during the past few days, Brendan Rodgers said they are looking no further than Norwich at the moment, while Gerrard stated that they would treat Norwich like AC Milan....!"

Dr-Ara Iskikian

Norwich will be Liverpool's banana skin