'I don't have a team any more': Bury fans on the club's collapse

29 August 2019 11:43
Readers explain what Bury FC means to them after the club’s expulsion from the Football League Absolutely gutted. Although it’s seemed inevitable for quite some time I never thought it would actually happen. It’s not an overstatement to say the club was integral to the community. The local pubs, takeaways and hotels are absolutely dependent on the fans being drawn to Bury. I fear the worst for the area now the club is gone. The decision makers at the top of football really need a good look at themselves. I really don’t understand how clubs like Manchester City can receive so much scrutiny when there is no chance of them ever going bust while clubs like Bury and Bolton are left to crumble. Curtis, 30, Bury Related: Bury’s Harry Bunn: ‘Some lads are struggling. People look stressed’ Related: Bury’s expulsion from EFL shows football’s regulations are meaningless | Barney Ronay Continue readingreadfullarticle

Source: TheGuardian