Friday’s best TV: Love, Nina; Bob’s Burgers; No Such Thing As the News

20 May 2016 05:10
Nicky Hornby brings Nina Stibbe’s book to life; the deadpan US cartoon crosses the Atlantic; and the QI elves front their own panel showContrasting views on local produce in this instalment of the food porn show. At Ithaa, a restaurant in the Maldives, the mission is to bring top-class dining to an underwater location. Local lobster makes the cut, but everything else is flown in for the benefit of customers who must dine barefoot, but otherwise be well-heeled. In contrast, we visit L’Enclume, where Simon Rogan’s hyperlocal mission means that any ingredient from outside Cumbria need not apply. John Robinson Continue reading. . read full article

Source: TheGuardian