FanView: A Case for the Defence of Palace's Hounded Hero Wilfried Zaha Amid 'Diving' Controversy

03 January 2018 02:56
?Every now and then the media suffer a quiet news day, the sort of day where nothing really happens and, all of a sudden, your local village fete seems like headline material up and down the country.  When applied to football, a quiet news day might cause a struggling former pro or controversial pundit to stick their probably bald head above the parapet and cause a bit of a stir for their ghost-written, 200-word column on the sidebar of a tabloid.  News Year's Eve was sadly a quiet news day. . read full article

Source: 90min

World Cup Group G

England 2 0 0 6 6
Belgium 2 0 0 6 6
Tunisa 0 0 2 -4 0
Panama 0 0 2 -8 0
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