Carabao Cup quarter-finals: Bristol City host Manchester United after draw delay – as it happened

26 October 2017 05:05
Manchester City go to Leicester, Chelsea host Bournemouth and Arsenal face West Ham after a draw delayed by almost two hours due to technical issues 7.05pm BST Related: EFL requests ‘full explanation’ from Twitter over Carabao Cup draw farce 6.05pm BST José Mourinho will take defending champions Manchester United to Bristol City in the quarter-finals of the Carabao Cup, while league leaders Manchester City travel to Leicester City. Arsenal will host West Ham and Chelsea face Bournemouth in the other ties as the four heavyweights avoided each other in the last eight ties, which will be played in the week commencing 18 December. 5.54pm BST “English efficiency at its best,” says James Boyle. “World Cup, anyone?” I think we can all agree that football was the winner. Right, I’m off for several cans of sweet, sweet Carabao. We’ll have a full report on that shambles up shortly – technical issues notwithstanding. 5.52pm BST So after all that, the draw is sent out via a pre-recorded clip, complete with bad sound, stuttering graphics and both Tuffers and Dawson “having to get off soon”. It’s an interesting draw, with José Mourinho off to Ashton Gate, but that scarcely seems important any more. 5.49pm BST Without further ado.Chelsea v Bournemouth (as per Twitter rumours)Arsenal v West Ham UnitedLeicester City v Manchester CityBristol City v Manchester United 5.47pm BST This is unbelievable.The #CarabaoCup Round Five Draw has finally taken place. Take a look at the pre-recorded video and see who your team got. 5.45pm BST The draw has now been delayed for over 100 minutes – enough time to have played the quarter-final ties, never mind drawn them. THE MAGIC OF THE EFL CUP 5.39pm BST This suggestion is looking better with every minute that passes:@niallmcveigh why don't they just cancel the competition? 5.35pm BST While you’re here, why not sign up for The Recap, our weekly guide to our best stuff, sent straight to your inbox? It takes less time than drawing eight numbered balls out of a bag! Related: The Recap: sign up for the best of the Guardian's sport coverage 5.32pm BST “Can’t they just write the eight names on a piece of paper and stick them in a hat? That used to work fine in my Subbuteo playing days,” writes Jeremy Adams. Switch ‘hat’ for ‘empty can of Carabao’ and I think they’ll go for it. 5.27pm BST @niallmcveigh is there a particular reason they keep trying to include Twitter in the circle of shame?Twitter are supposed to be broadcasting the draw live from their HQ, but ‘technical difficulties’ are not much of an excuse when presumably, Tuffers and/or Dawsers possess a smartphone that could broadcast the draw. That Rod Stewart business is starting to look sophisticated by comparison: Related: Sir Rod Stewart rocks Scottish Cup fifth round draw with bizarre antics 5.24pm BST And here’s a nice read from Andy Hunter on Rhian Brewster. The Liverpool youngster has led England U17s to a World Cup final despite not being born when this draw was scheduled to take place. Related: Rhian Brewster: England U17’s natural finisher on the fast-track at Liverpool 5.21pm BST Anyone who’s now back from listening to Football Weekly Extraaa will notice my joke has backfired spectacularly. If you haven’t yet, why not? There’s nothing else going on! Related: Weightless balls and the weight of expectation – Football Weekly Extra 5.17pm BST “If the delay goes the full 90, do we have a replay or go straight to penalties?” asks Gary Wilson.As far as I know, the eight remaining managers will try to boot a regulation petrol station football over a warehouse. If anyone does it, their team gets the Cup. 5.15pm BST The farce continuesUpdate: Twitter engineers continue to work on the problem. The EFL will be bringing you the draw as soon as is practically possible 5.13pm BST 5.08pm BST “The hot, steamy reality of Thailand – sure I’ve seen that film…” hoots Richard Powell. The draw is now 68 minutes late. 5.03pm BST It’s been a rough day for conference rooms – Greg Clarke has been talking again, there was another angry Arsenal AGM, and now this. Catch up with today’s box-fresh Fiver: Related: The Fiver | One can only imagine what kind of horrific future awaits 5.00pm BST “In the hot, steamy reality of Thailand, you need energy to get you through the day.” So begins ‘The Legend of Carabao’, which also tells me the drink was invented by Aed Carabao, “Thailand’s answer to Bruce Springsteen.” So now you know. 4.58pm BST This is, incredibly enough, not the biggest hash made of a League Cup draw so far this season: 4.55pm BST Apologies from the EFL and Twitter. We are still working on the technical difficulties and will bring you the draw as soon as possible. 4.48pm BST Still hoping for some hot draw action at 5pm sharp, but this tweet has me worried. ‘Within the hour’?The EFL and Twitter would like to apologise for the delay in the #CarabaoCup live stream. Normal service to be resumed within the hour 4.47pm BST In the interests of balance.@niallmcveigh carabao Apple tastes pretty good to be fair 4.44pm BST There were none of these problems when Donald Trump carried out the Rumbelows Cup fifth-round draw. In fact, it was a great draw. The best. Related: ‘Donald Trump had no idea what the Rumbelows Cup was. We didn’t explain’ | Sachin Nakrani 4.42pm BST Carabao: your reviews@niallmcveigh i have tried Carabao. Got it in an approved foods £1 lucky box as it was out of date. never drank anything so dry!@niallmcveigh Carabao is vile. It tastes like University and regret.@niallmcveigh I reckon Tuffers has necked a can of Carabao and is now lying twitching on the studio floor. 4.36pm BST And viewing – this guy’s had his Carabao! 4.33pm BST Some pre-delayed-draw reading: Related: What happened to MyFootballClub – the club where fans decided everything? Related: Fans’ Bilic abuse has me questioning my desire to be a football manager | Liam Rosenior Related: Golden Goal: Lee Trundle for Swansea City v Carlisle United (2006) | Ben Fisher 4.26pm BST @niallmcveigh Have you ever tried Carabao!?I haven’t – and I don’t know anyone who has! If you’ve sampled it, let me know. We’ve got plenty of time to kill. 4.24pm BST “I think Tuffers and Dawson are doing the draw in the style of the charades round from A Question of Sport and nobody’s managed to guess the first team yet,” honks Andrew Papps. “They should have made sure Sue Barker turned up as well to give them the answers.” 4.21pm BST Weeeeeey!Draw delayed: Carabao Cup Round Five Draw will now take place at 5pm following a minor technical glitch at Twitter HQ. 4.19pm BST Just got an email that simply says “7”. Is this part of the draw? 4.16pm BST Still waiting. I’ve just done a mock draw myself, to see if drawing eight teams is actually much harder than I’d thought. It isn’t. I’m not going to divulge the fictional ties, but there are some corkers in there. 4.10pm BST Football Weekly Extraaaaa has landed, so go and give it a listen, and come back to me in 58 minutes for the draw: Related: Weightless balls and the weight of expectation – Football Weekly Extra 4.09pm BST The draw comes with a Twitter feed attached, with lots of supportive and encouraging tweets flying in as time ticks on. This is probably the best one.#CarabaoCup Draws delayed. Pep complained about the balls they were using. 4.05pm BST The draw appears to have been delayed by a few minutes. So far this season, we’ve seen teams drawn out twice, a mute Facebook feed from Bangkok and the third-round draw taking place at 4.15am BST, so this is nothing new. 4.00pm BST “The whole AFC thing smacks of foreigners, what with their AC Milan and TP-47 and such like,” bellows Simon Thomas. “Once Brexit comes, Bournemouth and Wimbledon should drop the fancy prefixes and just hoof it long.” 3.58pm BST No sign of Tuffers or Dawsers yet – I’m keeping myself busy refreshing the Carabao Cup Twitter page, which has a header to remember. Carabaos all round! 3.49pm BST “Are the organisers having a dig at poor old Arsène?” asks Charles Antaki. “The list of clubs is obviously alphabetical, except that Arsenal have been demoted to second place. They might as well have got a light aircraft to fly the thing on a banner over the television studio.”The real, less amusing reason is that Bournemouth are down as ‘AFC Bournemouth’ in the official draw. Why? I don’t know. 12.26pm BST Defending champions Manchester United, 2015 winners Chelsea, and Manchester City, who lifted the trophy in 2014 and 2016, are all still in the Carabao Cup running. Arsenal are in the hat but haven’t won it since 1993, when the UK’s leading energy drink was Panda Pops.Leicester City have won the League Cup more times than the Gunners, and now have former finalist Claude Puel at the helm. West Ham, Bournemouth and Bristol City have never won it – in fact, this is only the Cherries’ second appearance at this stage, and City’s first since 1989. Continue reading. . read full article

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