Battle for The Den: why is the Millwall inquiry happening and whom does it serve?

17 August 2017 12:44
The Dyson inquiry will cost the local taxpayer an estimated half a million pounds but, as it has limited power and scope, what can it possibly find out and what will its findings mean for the club’s future?A couple of months back Forest Hill School in Lewisham called a meeting of parents and teachers to discuss an over-spending meltdown that has left basic supplies running short and teachers out on strike.The headmaster has by all accounts done a fine job staunching the bleeding. At the meeting he did his best to reassure parents, although one offhand remark raised some eyebrows. Asked why Lewisham council is unable to go above and beyond and step in to ease the £1m-plus cash shortfall the head listed the council’s various financial burdens: austerity, an ongoing housing crisis and, of course, “the Millwall inquiry”.The inquiry feels like a way of calling a ceasefire in a process that had become deeply troubling for Lewisham councilQuestions raised go to the heart of a wider story of gentrification, cleansing of poorer, more established communities Continue reading. . read full article

Source: TheGuardian