‘As a young footballer, it was something you dream of’: the day my school team beat QPR

03 March 2017 04:00
School football captain David Smith remembers playing Queens Park Rangers in 1962I was captain of my school football team in west London. It was the school’s centenary in 1962, and my last year of sixth form. We had such a strong sporting record, we asked Queens Park Rangers if we could play them in their stadium, which was just down the road. When the manager, Alec Stock, agreed, we couldn’t believe it.I was a big QPR fan. My grandfather and father used to take me when I was a boy. We would jump on the bus from Acton to Shepherd’s Bush. We’d go through the old-fashioned turnstiles and then Grandad would make sure I got into the boys’ enclosure behind the goal; he and dad would be behind me on the terraces. Football stadiums then weren’t the comfortable palaces they are today – most of the ground was standing. Related: ‘I was proud to be a road sweeper’: Julia Pidgeon, London, July 1975 Continue reading. . read full article

Source: TheGuardian