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We Thought St James' Park Was On Fire!

15 Feb 2013 13:08:42

We Thought St James' Park Was On Fire!

Toon fans set off flares in the Gallowgate End last night, and we (in the Leazes End) thought the stand at the far end of the field was on fire!

I don't know if anyone was at risk, as St James' is no longer made of wood, but it looked as though there was a fire at the back of the stand.

And we thought perhaps the burger stalls at the rear of the Gallowgate could have caught fire.

The smell - 140yds away in the Leazes - was unbelievable, so they must have been powerful fireworks.

The problem is - UEFA officials (who attend all European fixtures) - are in their rights to fine Newcastle United.

I'm sure there will be more on this story.

Source: Newcastle United Mad


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