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Toon Underdog Points To His Shirt!

08 Feb 2011 00:55:02

Toon Underdog Points To His Shirt!

Leon Best is confident he can fill Andy Carroll's shoes ... but is he trying to get a mortgage with Northern Rock?   Leon Best: "It was a hard job, but it shows what Newcastle is about. "We have Northern Rock on our shirts, you saw the Northern Rock right there - that was us against Arsenal and we showed them what we can do. "People may wonder if I can fill the void left by Andy Carroll. "I've been the underdog a lot of times in my life and come out on top. "I just need to keep doing that. If I keep scoring it's good but it's about the team." Interesting plug for the sponsor, don't you think? What is going on here? His eyebrows are all over the place!


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