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So What's Wenger Moaning About THIS Week?

06 Feb 2011 13:23:34

So What's Wenger Moaning About THIS Week?

Yes ... the biggest cry baby in world football ... is at it again! Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has (again) picked on easy target Joey Barton for more flak. Arsene Wenger: "It was a completely unnecessary sending-off, and I believe Barton was very lucky to stay on the pitch for the tackle on Diaby. "It's a shame [for Diaby] because he had a great first half. Sometimes you could understand when he has a bad game, but he had an outstanding game. "I explain that by the fact that he has been injured so many times from bad tackles that he lost a bit quickly his nerves because this boy has been out for a long time and many times. "Certainly the tackle provoked his reaction."    


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