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Question Marks (Again) Over Yohan Cabaye Visa

25 Jul 2011 12:17:28

Question Marks (Again) Over Yohan Cabaye Visa

Can someone please explain to me why Yohan Cabaye couldn't join the US tour ... yet Paul Dummett can? Cabaye was told he couldn't join the Newcastle players in Yankeedoodle-land because the Burger-chompers wouldn't give him a visa. There was obviously concerns as to 'why' he was knocked back, and Newcastle United issued a cock-and-bull story that he "hadn't paid a dentist for treatment". Does that REALLY have the security bells ringing in America? Then Newcastle issued a statement: "It was a misunderstanding and it has been sorted out." So Cabaye would be travelling to America then? Alan Pardew: "No, it takes three weeks to get a visa so we have sent him to Holland with the reserve side". BUT ... we hear today "reserve team left-back Paul Dummett has already set off for the States as a replacement for injured Ryan Taylor and the 19-year-old Welsh Under-21 international will figure against Columbus". So no three week wait for a visa then?  


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