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Perch Feels Part Of The Action Now

06 Dec 2012 11:39:14

Perch Feels Part Of The Action Now

James Perch thought his Newcastle United days were over.

James Perch: “It’s good to finally play European football, and finally be in a place and know I’m a part of it.

“Twelve or 18 months ago, I was maybe looking to go elsewhere, as my future wasn’t certain here.

“Things have turned round, and I’m here to stay.

“On a personal note, I’m quite happy with how things have gone.

“But I don’t like looking into it and saying ‘I’ve done well’, or whatever.

“When the team’s doing well, it’s nice to look back, and say you’ve played well.

“But when the team’s done bad, it’s hard to say that when the team’s lost.”

Source: Newcastle United Mad


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