Owen still hoping

03 October 2006 05:01
Newcastle United striker Michael Owen has not given up hope of playing this season, but admits there is a strong possibility he will spend the whole campaign on the sidelines. Owen suffered a serious knee injury during England's World Cup match against Sweden and has since had operations to repair a ruptured cruciate ligament and damaged cartilage. The 26-year-old's surgeon, Richard Steadman, has reassured the striker he will be able to resume his playing career, but Owen still faces another six to nine months on the sidelines. "I have targets. I have a specific game which is probably miles off," he told Sky Sports News. "It gives me something to focus on, and to look forward to. "The general gist of it is between six to nine months, so if it's six, it will be the start of April, seven the start of May and eight or nine I will miss the season. "I won't come back until it's ready. It would be foolish to do that. "I'm sure I will come back fit and strong when I do come back."

Source: ESA