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Owen Puts The Record Straight - He Lived In Newcastle (Or Did He?)

30 Jun 2013 12:26:34

Owen Puts The Record Straight - He Lived In Newcastle (Or Did He?)

Michael Owen was accused by some of commuting to Tyneside every day via helicopter from Cheshire during his four-year stint at St James' Park.

It's true he had a house in the area ... but did he live there?

He only played in one-in-three of Newcastle's games in his Toon spell, and he spent more time away from Northumberland than he spent there.

I don't think the helicopter was a problem to any Geordie; but his commitment (or lack of it) certainly was.

Michael Owen: “I loved the area. It’s no secret that I’d lived away from home with Real Madrid and my family wanted to come home.

“My wife in particular wanted to come back to England.

“The Press picked up on the fact I’d bought a helicopter and it’s very easy to think that.

“It was an easy stick to beat me with. But I’ve got a massive family.

“At the time I had young kids and I’m one of five children and my mum and dad wanted to watch me wherever I played. I wanted to make it easy for them.

“They wanted to watch me in every game I played for Newcastle – and they did. My family were coming to Newcastle so we thought it was sensible to get the helicopter.

“To say I was up and down is a myth. It was mainly for my family to come and watch me.

“I had a house up there, I lived up there. I’ve still got a house up there.

“People form an opinion from what they read.

“Maybe at the time I was naive. I should have come out and said a bit more. Because it was so untrue I just used to leave it and say they’d got their stories and facts wrong.

“Unfortunately the fans read that and start forming an opinion. And I can understand why it would annoy them in many ways.”


Source: Newcastle United Mad


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