Keegan awarded damages

02 October 2009 02:29
Former manager Kevin Keegan has been awarded £2million in compensation from Newcastle United following his acrimonious departure from St James' Park in September 2008. Keegan walked away from the Tyneside club due to off-field problems and has now won damages from a Premier League managers' arbitration tribunal, which decided that Keegan had suffered wrongful dismissal. A statement from Keegan confirmed: "I took the decision to resign in September 2008 only after very careful and anxious consideration. "The decision to resign was one of the most difficult that I have ever had to take in my life. "I believe that anybody who knows me and my attachment to Newcastle United and the North East in general will understand how difficult this must have been. "I very much hope that the decision of the tribunal now confirms why I felt that I had no option but to resign from the position as manager of the club that I love. "The tribunal has found the conduct of the club in forcing a player on me against my wishes represented a fundamental breach of my contract of employment. "I do not believe that there is any manager in football who could have remained at the club in the light of their conduct."

Source: ESA