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Davies Was Right - Forest Are NOT Good Enough!

30 Mar 2010 16:16:50

Davies Was Right - Forest Are NOT Good Enough!

Yes ... if ever there was a fella with "Little Man Syndrome" ... it's Nottingham Forest boss Billy Davies. You know the sort ... 4ft 2" and all full of wind and piss because he knows the big guys won't lamp him because he is "too small" ... and he lives off it. Big in the gob - he said his side weren't good enough for the Premiership when they went second in the table at Christmas - and how the Forest fans got their knickers in a twist. So ... after Newcastle gave his Forest side a football lesson and showed them what a Premiership side looks like ... Davies was quick to concede that Newcastle will be playing in the Premier League next season, but refused to rule out his own side's chances of joining them. Davies: "I'm not admitting defeat, I am saying I think Newcastle United, in my opinion, will finish the job. "We've got a challenge for second place that is very much still on the go."  


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