Big Sam eases the pressure

20 October 2007 12:10
Newcastle United's Sam Allardyce believes that the life of a football manager is becoming harder and harder due to raised expectation levels at most clubs. The former Bolton Wanderers boss has seen England coach Steve McClaren come under intense pressure after the 2-1 defeat in Russia, while a whole host of league managers have also lost their jobs already this season. Allardyce commented: "I read an article in the paper which said the average life of a manager in this country now is two years based on how many people have lost their jobs. "It is a much more volatile job now than ever before, because the expectation outweighs the reality in nearly all divisions and that brings more and more sackings every year now. "You have got to be very resilient in your outlook and you have got to be very single-minded in how you approach this job. "There are too many distracting factors which take your focus away from doing the job you are asked to do, especially in the Premier League now. "You have to make sure you bat all those off and don't let them distract you and make the right decisions at the right time, deal with the pressure whichever way it comes and believe in yourself and the staff working with you. "That is one of the key areas in managing through difficult periods and overcoming them to carry on."

Source: ESA