Barton promised second chance

27 July 2008 01:03
Newcastle United boss Kevin Keegan has promised Joey Barton that he still has a future with the club. The former Manchester City star is set to leave prison next week after serving a six-month prison sentence for assault, and Keegan is willing to welcome the England international back to the club with open arms. "People have opinions, and you must respect those, but mine is to give him another chance and back him," Keegan told the BBC. "There are a lot of things he needs to put right - but I think he can do it. "Joey will be back with us towards the end of this month. "It's well-documented he's had his problems, but I knew of them when I took over. He's served his sentence, he's been punished for what he did wrong. "The world is littered with people that have been given a second chance and taken it with both hands. "I told him as long as from now on he did things right and started to rebuild the confidence of people around him, I would stick by him. "The Joey Barton that we had in the last couple of months of the season was a much-changed character. "I'm hoping that he'll come back and we'll get him fit. It's up to Joey to put things right now - he's got to win over a lot of people."

Source: ESA