Worry About The Premiership? Let Them Worry About US!

19 April 2010 11:23
Can we handle a return to the Premiership? Of course we can. Are we worried? Let the buggers worry about US! Former Newcastle United striker David Kelly: “As I say, no promoted team these days can hope to do what Newcastle did in 1993. “And challenging the Man Citys, Evertons and Villas next season is also too much to expect. “But I think that with a bit of wise investment in a few areas, they (Newcastle) could possibly get in or around the top 10. “Obviously, the Premier League is still a very tough proposition for teams coming out of the Championship, but I do think it’s a little less daunting than maybe it was five or six years ago. “Look at the Wolves. They’ve done brilliantly to give themselves a fantastic chance of surviving quite comfortably, despite Mick McCarthy – who’s done a fantastic job – having not really spent money. “It can be done, and the one thing Newcastle have on most clubs is the size of their support."      


World Cup Group G

Pos Team Pld Pts
- Belgium 0 0
- Panama 0 0
- Tunisia 0 0
- England 0 0