Wise Admits Toon Job Almost Ruined His Career!

27 June 2012 07:46
Dennis Wise has revealed he is ready to return to football management after taking a three-year break because of the shambles he caused at St James' Park.

The former Chelsea midfielder was brought in to sign players for Mike Ashley . most of which (then-manager) Kevin Keegan had not heard of!

When Keegan asked about one of the targets, Wise replied: "You will find him on Youtube." 

Keegan said at the time: "I realized then that the Newcastle job was not the one for me.

"How can you sign players that the manager hasn't even seen?

"It was bizarre to say the least."

Wise eventually lost his job at Newcastle in April 2009 and has been out of the game ever since.

Dennis Wise: “I spent a bit of time out of it — I needed to, especially after the things that happened at Newcastle.

"It didn't work out there.

"I took a step back.

“I really enjoyed the managerial side of the game.

“If something that I liked came up I would have a go, I really would.”