Will This Get Rid Of Anfield Heartbreak?

08 February 2011 01:04
The beauty of seeing the back of Andy Gray and Richard Keys is we won't hear the pair rant on about how fabulous it was seeing Liverpool beat us at Anfield 4-3. For years and years the pair have pushed it down our throats - "the best game ever" - yet don't they know how painful it is to watch? The day the rot set in when we were on course to beat Man Utd to the title. Is the 4-4 against Arsenal better? OF COURSE IT IT COS WE DIDN'T GET BEAT! Steve Harper: "The way Arsenal play, the mood they were in, and the way we were letting them play I really did fear the worst. "That was a big, big point for us because if we'd have taken a hiding, like it looked we were going to after half an hour, then it does take some getting over. “I think the manager summed it up when he said the players were maybe feeling a little bit sorry for themselves after the week we had - obviously what had gone on with Andy [Carroll] and we weren’t great at Fulham on Wednesday night. “We knew it was going to be a tough game and I think the players were in a bit of shock at half-time and the manager certainly woke us up. He said ‘you lot got us into this, you’re going to get us out of it and show the people out there watching that you’re not prepared to concede another four goals second half by making a tackle and showing how much it means to you’. And we did that second half. "I was in shock to be honest. I had a lot of messages from people saying they’d watched it four or five times on the television and still couldn’t believe it. "I’ve got a newborn son and I had to explain to him, although he’s only 12 days old and that was his first game, that it’s not going to be like that every week."