Will History Mean Anything On Sunday?

23 June 2012 11:34
Italy have had four World Cup final wins in addition to a European Championship win and an additional seven last-four finishes. But will it mean bog all on Sunday?

Roy Hodgson: "We're not underdogs in any way.

"We have good-quality players who are recognised worldwide and, certainly, would get into a lot of the top European teams.

"Spain have had a few scares along the way and Italy have been stable in their performances without actually tearing the tournament up.

"It's been a fairly smooth process for us.

"Things were up in the air because our preparation time was so short and we lost four senior players to injury in the build-up.

"But we've managed to put that to one side and now it's more a positive feeling.

"All these negative statistics can only be put to bed when you get a positive one.

"I came across it quite a lot at my time at West Bromwich. I got used to it.

"There's nothing anyone can say to make a difference.

"It's a minor form of history but it would be nice not to have that question coming up again next time.

"It's the last thing on the players' minds.

"I have no idea what it's worth but it would mean a lot more to us as footballers if we win it, in terms of when we retire from football many years hence, to see a medal hanging round our necks."