Will Carroll Be A Rush ... Or A Flop?

13 February 2011 11:38
Toon chairman Sir John Hall tips Andy Carroll to rival Ian Rush as a Liverpool great. But come on . he was never a Newcastle "great"! Would you put him in your Top Newcastle XI? Sir John Hall: “It was quite a shock when it was announced Liverpool had offered all that money for him. “It was a big decision for Mike Ashley to sell one of the best players, or one of the players with the most potential. “Now Ashley will have to buy in and rebuild the team. “I’m sure he will do that. “If he (Carroll) keeps his feet on the ground, he could go on to be one of the best centre forwards that Liverpool and England have had. “I think he will do very, very well. He’s a typical Geordie centre-forward. “I see Liverpool and Newcastle as similar clubs with a similar temperament among the fans. “Andy’s just a young lad, he will mature. “It can be very difficult for a young lad with all the adulation and the publicity.”