Will Ba Fall Down The Pecking Order At Chelsea?

19 February 2013 11:50
Demba Ba expects to have more competition for a place at Chelsea other than Fernando Torres!.

The former Newcastle United striker spoke to RMC radio in France yesterday and he said that he thinks Chelsea will be looking to bring in another 'great' striker during the summer transfer window.

Demba Ba: "Everywhere you go there is competition.

"There will always be competition, and this happens in the biggest clubs in Europe, we know that every year they will want to hire a great striker.

"This competition is good if you take it in the right way.

"I can either let myself be walked on, or I defend myself.

"I see all the work I have put it during the last 7 years and, without arrogance, it does not surprise me that I'm here."

Source: Newcastle United Mad