Will Anyone Take Newcastle Seriously?

15 July 2011 10:09
Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson believes any one of six teams could win the Premier League this season . but at 2000/1 . who is taking Newcastle seriously? Ferguson is not prepared to write off any of the traditional big four, even though Arsenal have endured a miserable summer and Liverpool are without a championship since 1990. Sir Alex Ferguson: "We used to talk about a top four, with ourselves, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool. "You can't say that any more. "Manchester City have definitely come into the frame. They have a buying power better than the rest of us. "Maybe having the run in the European Cup just stretched Tottenham too much last season and they ended up being out of the top four. "But you look at those teams and say any one of them could win the league." TO WIN THE PREMIERSHIP 2.88 Man Utd        3.6 Chelsea         5.0 Man City      10.0 Arsenal        12.0 Liverpool       51.0 Tottenham     301.0 Everton      401.0 Aston Villa      2001.0 Newcastle      2001.0 QPR     2501.0 Fulham    2501.0 Sunderland        5001.0 Blackburn         5001.0 Bolton         5001.0 Stoke        5001.0 West Brom         5001.0 Wolves       7501.0 Wigan     10001.0 Norwich City        10001.0 Swansea