Wigan 'Confidence' Is A Worry To Toon Fans

05 May 2013 11:53
Wigan boss Roberto Martinez believes avoiding relegation for the third year in a row would be the equivalent of winning the Barclays Premier League.

If escaping relegation is all about confidence - Newcastle are on the back foot - because Wigan players are on a roll.

What concerns all Toon fans is the way the team falls apart when they ship a goal; and thankfully that didn't happen on Saturday.

We scraped a point . yet Wigan went out with all guns blazing at the Hawthorns . and they got what they deserved.

We (Newcastle) are in a mess, make no mistake about it.

As Pardew makes his excuses; calls the press; blames "what could have been"; and looks like a rabbit caught in the headlights of a car; Wigan scrape the points.

Roberto Martinez: "We don't just escape. As a football club we win the title every time we stay in the league.

"It's a different approach. Any other club fights to avoid something or fears to lose something; we don't.

"We don't fight to avoid relegation. It's not a negative - it's the opposite.

"We are still involved in two major competitions - the league and the cup - and we are ready to win both trophies.

"We showed today we have a big club mentality in these players.

"Today, you'll have a hard job finding a negative in our performance," the Spaniard said.

"It's an incredible story about Wigan Athletic.

"It's about winning a football game; it's about three goals from open play away from home; it's about coming back from behind; it's about being able to keep the ball and be aware in everything you do.

"The mentality was magnificent today. Our performance was full of character and I couldn't be prouder of the team."

Source: Newcastle United Mad